J R Pet Products have a busy schedule of events during 2023 as they go on tour up and down the UK. At each pet or dog show they require an easy to erect and fully weatherproof promotional tent to house their event stand which also functions as a shop.

A pair of our Axion Square inflatable promotional tents does the job perfectly for J R Pet Products and together the two tents provide over 50m2 of covered space. The Axion Square tents are very quick and easy to erect and as they are sealed inflatables they do not require a continuously running fan to stay inflated. The whole setup of two tents and a linking tunnel can be completed with just two people in well under an hour. The promotional tents are inflated using the electric pump supplied and the side walls and visor are then zipped in place.  When used outdoors the tent must also be secured with guide lines for safety in the event of wind gusts.

Both of the inflatable promotional tents and the linking tunnel were manufactured in J R Pet Products corporate colours with their logos printed on by high resolution dye sublimation printing during the manufacturing process. This method of production allows for 100% of the exterior surface to be branded in the colours/graphics of choice. The Axion Square inflatable event tents are just one of the eight different designs of inflatable event tent that we manufacture. See more designs here.

We wish J R Pet Products a successful season on tour at various pet events throughout the UK and of course we are always on hand to provide support services such as repairs and cleaning for the tents.

See more at: https://axionuk.co.uk/inflatable-event-tents/