We supplied a design for an event space comprising 3 linked inflatable event tents which give a combined covered event space of up to 175m2, depending on the final specification and configuration of the tents. The tents are for for a major brand of motorcycles to be used at trade shows and promotional events all over the country.
When completed the event space for will include an Axion 8m or 10m Spider hexagonal inflatable tent as the main central tent, with an Axion Square tent on either side. The Square tents can each be as small as 3m x 3m all the way up to as large as 7m x 7m in size. The addition of the entrance visors on the tents adds to the covered area and makes an attractive entrance to the tents. The whole system of linked inflatable event tents can be erected or dismantled in under an hour can be easily transported in a small van or a couple of family sized cars.
Naturally the entire surface of the linked inflatable event tents can be branded, in this case in black with the company’s logo and corporate identity. We use a high quality dye sublimation printing process so there are practically no limits on the design and colours available. Fully branded, an Axion inflatable event tent makes an eye catching event stand, promoting your brand to all who pass by or visit your event space.