Recruitment Event Tents for RAF Cadets

Recruiting new staff is vital for continued growth and profitability for most organisations, and being able to carry out recruitment activities at all kinds of events and locations enables organisations to access the widest pool of individuals. So over the years we have built many recruitment event tents for a very wide variety of organisations, big and small, for just this purpose.

For the RAF Cadets, two 4m x 4m Axion Square inflatable event tents suited their requirements perfectly. The tents are all-weather capable and each one has 4 zipped in side panels as well as an entrance visor/canopy. The recruitment event tents are joined with a zipped in connecting tunnel and so staff can move between the tents whilst under cover.

Each Axion 44 Square inflatable recruitment event tent provides a covered area of 16m2 which is increased by the addition of the entrance visors. The tents can be erected or dismantled in minutes and can be easily transported in the boot of a family car. The Axion Square is available in sizes from 4m x 4m to 7m x 7m in size, however, if more space is required we manufacture the Axion Spider which provides up to 75m2 floor area.

Naturally the entire surface of the Axion Square recruitment event tents can be printed in your corporate colours and with your logo/branding. We use a high quality dye sublimation printing process so there are practically no limits on the design and colours available. Fully branded, an Axion inflatable event tent makes an eye catching event stand, promoting your brand to all who pass by or visit your event space.