Team Fordzilla Choose Axion Pod

Team Fordzilla is Ford’s first ever eSports team, building on its real-world racing heritage by competing at the highest level on the virtual racing stage. Launched at Gamescom 2019, Team Fordzilla is made up of five market teams: Germany, Spain, Italy, France and UK. Top players were recruited from across Europe at various key gaming events, with the Team Captains leading the process.

We supplied Team Fordzilla with an Axion Inflatable Pod as shown in the photograph. The inflatable Pod has full Team Fordzilla branding all over the exterior giing the tent maximum impact at events. The Pod was supplied to Team Forzilla with all the necessary accessories including the inflation pump. The inflatable Pod can be erected by one person in minutes and similarly can be taken down just as quickly and transported in the back of a typical SUV.

In addition to the Axion Pod, we manufacture a large range of inflatable tents in many shapes and sizes. Tents can be joined together to make even larger covered event spaces and the entire surface of our tents and be printed with your branding. We use a high quality dye sublimation printing process so there are practically no limits on the design and colours available.

Fully branded, an Axion inflatable event tent makes an eye catching event stand, promoting your brand to all who pass by or visit your event space. Contact us to see if we can meet your requirements for a versatile event space.