Tipi Event Tent - Fully Branded for client

TIPI – Distinctive Tipi Event Tent

Tipi is a very distinctive tipi (or tepee) shaped tent which will attract lots of attention at events due to its unique and stylish design. Available with your company graphics and branding or the event identity printed to the whole of the roof surface, a Tipi event tent will stand out from other exhibitors. You can also feel safe with the knowledge that the Tipi event tent has been designed and developed to meet all safety standards worldwide.

The Tipi tent has been created for customers looking for a more distinctive event stand which can be fully branded. Tipi tents are made in sizes to cover up to 125m2 of floor area and are easy to unpack/pack into the transport bag provided. They are easily transportable in any family car or SUV and the set-up time from vehicle to ready built tent is less than 30 minutes. A unique internal mechanism in the central pole provides the ability to tension the roof to the right shape after erecting the tent.

We offer both single pole Tipi (tepee) event tents, with diameter up to 17m, and double pole tents with widths of up to 22.5m.  The height of the tents is 6m which makes them nearly impossible to be missed at crowded events. Tipi tents may be used for events on both soft ground (grass covered showgrounds) and also on hard surfaces (paved surfaces, car parks, etc.).

Of course all Tipi event tents can be fully branded using our dye-sublimation printing techniques giving practically no limits to the effects that can be created. Tipi is suitable for outdoor exhibitions, festivals, country shows, trade stands, weddings, company and sport events. Contact us to for a free visual to see how your Tipi (tepee) tent would look.

TIPI Event Tents – Available Sizes

TPSP 100TPSP 130TPSP 150TPSP 170TPDP 150TPDP 180TPDP 225
Diameter (m)10131517---
Width (m)----101212
Length (m)----151822.5
Black Tipi Event Tent - 10m diameter tipi tent for product promotion
Tipi Event Tent - 12m diameter tipi tent for product promotion - Roundup
Tipi Event Tent - 15m diameter tipi tent for Passion Du Sport
Tipi Event Tent - 15m dual pole tipi tent for Superior
Tipi Event Tents - from 10m diameter up to 22.5m long dual pole


TIPI Single Pole (TPSP) is a round tipi (teepee) tent with a height adjustable single central pole. Depending on its size, it has five or six wings anchored to the ground.

Tipi Event Tents - Round Single Pole from 10m Diameter

TIPI Double Pole (TPDP) uses two height adjustable central poles. Depending on its size it has six or eight wings anchored to the ground.

Tipi Event Tents - Oval Dual Pole from 15m Length


Tipi Tents fit in most family cars


Tipi Tents are suitable for uneven surfaces


Made of waterproof 500D FR fabric


Customise your Tipi Tent with your branding


See your brand on your chosen AXION product


All AXION UK products carry a 12 month no quibble warranty against any manufacturing or material defects. If you find a fault simply highlight your concern to us by email, including photographs, and we will sort out the problem.
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