La Sportiva sports footwear is a well known and respected Italian brand offering a wide range of hiking, mountaineering, trail running and other sports shoes. La Sportiva has an enviable reputation for supplying the best sporting footwear, so when it came to selecting an event tent for marketing their products they chose the best, the Axion Square inflatable event tent.

The Axion Square range of 4 different sizes of inflatable event tent can provide from 16m2 up to 49m2 of fully covered floor area per tent, this can increased by the addition of an entrance visor. La Sportiva sports footwear chose the Axion Square 55 which is 5m x 5m at the base providing 25m2 of covered floor area.

All Axion Square tents can be linked together by short tunnels to make larger multi room event structures. Naturally the entire surface of the tent can be printed with branding, as on the La Sportiva sports footwear tent. We use a high quality dye sublimation printing process so there are practically no limits on the design and colours available.

The advanced design and manufacturing techniques used enable Axion Square inflatable events tents to be erected or dismantled in minutes and with a minimum of labour. The tents pack into trolley bags (which are provided with each tent) and can be easily transported in the boot of a family car. The Axion Square is available in 4 sizes from 4m x 4m to 7m x 7m in size. If more space is required we manufacture the Axion Spider which provides up to 75m2 floor area and can be linked to another Spider or to an Axion Square of any size.

Fully branded Axion inflatable event tents make very eye catching event stands, promoting your brand to all who pass by or visit your event space.