Nirvana Spa offers incredible facilities to transport you far, far away from stresses and deadlines. Their iconic Colosseum Suite has a majestic domed ceiling full of stars that look down on the warm, therapeutic balneotherapy pool beneath. The warm stone loungers in the Tepidarium invite you to lie back, close your eyes and drift off; while the hot mini-spa pools in their stylish Spa Garden are the perfect spot to share a celebratory glass of fizz with a friend.

With five pure water pools each having a distinct and special atmosphere, so whatever your mood, you’ll find the perfect pool to relax in. You can immerse yourself in the warm Hydrotherapy Pool and let the 51 water jets give your whole body an invigorating massage. Or perhaps swim a few leisurely laps in the calm and peaceful Nirvana Pool. You could sunbathe on a lounger next to the heated Spa Garden Pool or instead indulge in a delicious slice of cake by their bright, spectacular Roman Pool.

Nirvana Spa offer a truly unique and luxury experience. To help them with their marketing promotions at events, we (Axion UK) have supplied them with a stunning Axion Square inflatable event tent, fully branded in their corporate colours. They can take this tent on tour to country shows, outdoor events of all kinds, or even set it up in any public space to market their unique spa to passers-by.

The Axion Square inflatable event tent is quick to setup and take down and this can be done by just one person. It is fully weather proof, made of the highest quality materials and has an eye-catching design, which matches Nirvana Spa’s unique luxury brand.

Find out what an Axion event tent could do for your brand by contacting us, we will be delighted to help you create a striking and memorable event space.