The RAF Air Cadets are often involved in large events and recently the took part in an event to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic. The Royal Air Force Air Cadets from Merseyside Wing were involved in the event which proved a fitting tribute with large crowds attending.

In the centre of the military village on the pier, the Merseyside Wing of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets set up a large village of Axion inflatable event tents to showcase some of what the Royal Air Force Air Cadets has to offer, including flight simulators, as well as a virtual flight in a Viking glider. Also, the RAF Air Cadets took part in the parades held on Friday and Sunday with more than 50 cadets and staff attending over the course of the weekend. These cadets represented 20 different squadrons, Merseyside Wing and Headquarters Staff from RAFC Cranwell.

What better way would there have been to quickly establish a village of structures and attract attention than with a dozen brightly coloured and fully branded Axion inflatable event tents? The set of inflatable event tents supplied to the RAF Air Cadets consisted of larger Axion Hexa and Spider tents as well as many smaller Axion Square tents, all of which were connected with matching tunnels.

The Axion Hexa inflatable event tent can provide from 38 to 56m2 of covered floor area, the Axion Spider from 35 to 74 m2 and the Axion Square from 16 to 49m2 of sheltered floor area. All of these tents can be supplied in any colour and/or with any graphics printed in high resolution on the roof and side walls giving up to 100% exterior branding. Axion tents can be supplied with various types of side walls, visors over the entrances, ground sheets, lighting and many more options.

All of our inflatable tents can be used indoors or outdoors and are erected or taken down in minutes using the electric inflation pumps supplied with the tents. To find out more visit the website or contact us.